Other as Transformer

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Traditionally we often have repelled and hated the Other. Currently many are fascinated by and studying Other beings as lovers, as fellow journey makers, as carriers of disturbing values.

  • a group or member of a group that is perceived as different, foreign, strange, etc.: Prejudice comes from fear of the Other.
  • a person or thing that is the counterpart: the role of the Other in the development of self.

The Middle Way to Transformation

Published in an Episcopalian Lenten meditation series, The Middle Way telescopes how the positive theology of the Middle Ages approached transformation. Don’t be afraid of the word “sin” – it means “missing the mark”.

Chaucer, British Commons, The Middle Way to Transformation

Chaucer & Free Will

Lola’s University of Wyoming MA is titled “The Medieval Concept of Free Will in Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales.” The question of predestination vs free will is answered by believing we are each born with a destiny but what we do with that birthright is up to us. The Canterbury Tales are in part a canvas where the pilgrims and their tales demonstrate their choices. The Parson’s Tale is a sermon that gives us the Seven Deadly Sins, and the too often forgotten Seven Quickening Cures.

My Name is Harold

This is one of several essays around my father’s dementia and death, and the people supporting him.

Enter the Young

Volume V, #5 April 1967

I’m sharing two ideas from this essay, one on the possibilities of the Sexual Revolution, and the second on Dual Awareness.

A New World for Hunters

In Wyoming hunting is a way of life. Accepted by Wyoming magazine but never published to my knowledge.

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