Other as Transformer

Traditionally we often have repelled and hated the Other. Currently many are fascinated by and studying Other beings as lovers, as fellow journey makers, as carriers of disturbing values.

  • Covid Epiphany


What is the real work we came here to do? Who did we come here to be? Epiphany is a time to explore what [...]

  • Lamentation

A Broken Prayer by Winter Christian George MacDonald

Dedication: “In thanksgiving for Marian Frank’s questioning faith.”    Following Brenton Dickieson’s blog A Pilgrim in Narnia I found a Friday teatime group committed to [...]

A Broken Prayer by Winter Christian George MacDonald2022-09-10T21:07:12+00:00
  • Martha Graham Dance Company, Lamentation with Joyce Herring

Complaints and Lamentations

Resistance is a Transformer because it takes no easy way out. When managed well, resistance clarifies what is going on. It provides light. We [...]

Complaints and Lamentations2022-09-10T21:08:56+00:00
  • Octopus Teacher

My Octopus Teacher as the Hero/Heroine’s Journey

The film My Octopus Teacher is a classic Hero/Heroine's Journey through the Gate In to our planet's physical underworld, through transformation, to the Return [...]

My Octopus Teacher as the Hero/Heroine’s Journey2022-09-10T21:09:17+00:00


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