Lola Wilcox

Lola Wilcox is a playwright and writer of essays and short stories. The focus of her life’s work is transformation.


Personal, group, and corporate transformation is what I write about, coach, and consult. A need to transform is driven either by pain or longing – sometimes both. There is a process: where are you in it?

  • How are you coping with the changes being required?
  • Are there things to learn that would aid the journey?
  • I know from experience that much can be accomplished in focused, disciplined, short-term work.

Coaching and Consulting

After a free conversation about the nature of your situation, I can prepare a proposal about the work we intend to do together. It will have your goal (and objectives), the work to be done (description of deliverables), a timeline and a budget. The budget is always for the work we’ve outlined, not by the hour. That way, you won’t feel conflicted about making follow-up contacts or email exchanges to clarify what we’ve discovered and what needs to happen next.

Please also see my resume and references on LinkedIn.

Contact Lola

Thank you for getting in touch! Send a message for inquiries or comments.

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“Lola is an expert on individual, group, and corporate transformation. She joined our team and helped us diagnose the issues, figure out what to do, and get through to the other side. We now know transformation is a continuous process, and the next time, we know what to do.”  – Dick C., Plant Manager


To begin, I’ll share The Hero/Heroine’s Journey—a PDF of the map of transformation. I’ll also share announcements about new material, and a blog from time to time.