“Call the world, if you please, the vale of soul making. Then you will find out the use of the world.”—John Keats The Letters of John Keats, 1814-1821, ed. Hyder Edward Rollins, vol. 2, 101-103

When asked what kind of books I write I say “a variety”. I know people want me to name a genre, like romance (yes), Sci Fi (yes), Fantasy (yes), children’s (yes), cookbooks (yes), non-fiction business writing (yes). There are also books that are collections of stories or vignettes – Still Room Book is a good example; One is a Lonely Number another. What links the variety of forms is the golden thread of Transformation.

I’ve finished a 600+ page draft of a fantasy novel based on the Brothers Grimm Goose Girl story, and my first readers said, “It’s a trilogy”. So I’m working on that.

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