“Real change happens when you tell us a story because we find ourselves in it, and begin believing in possibility.”  — Women’s financial workshop participant 

“Your stories are about what’s right with people – how we are good, trying hard, and getting on. We need that encouragement, need to believe people still want to be the best they can be.” —Denver Writers’ Coach

Here are three already published stories for you to explore and enjoy. One of them, Turtle Dreams, is part of a larger book I’m writing now called the Servants of the Archangel Michael. The Salamander is a family story, the only work I’ve published under a pseudonym. The current story I’m writing is The Hiving of the Bee Queen, which is an adventure in the Goose Girl world.

Turtle Dreams

When a church counselor first dreams of seeking the Ancient Turtle, her busy, organized way of life is challenged, and to follow her dreams she must learn new ways of living.


A woman, her mother-in-law and their shared family follow their hearts’ trails into a golden transformation.

A Strange Land

This story is the result of a challenge by Professor Francis at the University of Wyoming to write a “stream of consciousness” story. A young woman makes transformational choices while walking through the Chicago Art Museum.

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