Nature as Transformer

We are part of our planet’s four Elementals, made of the substances of Earth and Water, breathing the Air, created with the sun’s Fire. The natural world constantly is transforming, often being both model and metaphor. Many explorations of this relationship are available to you here.

  • Give Thanks

Giving Thanksgiving for the Noes in Our Lives

At times in my life I’ve received a Great No that upended my life and created an unimagined future. At other times a little [...]

Giving Thanksgiving for the Noes in Our Lives2022-11-19T02:03:26+00:00
  • Be Here Now, pebbles and stones

In Beauty I Walk

Photo Credit: Lo Arno, Unsplash I was driving home from work one summer sunset time, and the sky was a dome of [...]

In Beauty I Walk2022-09-10T20:24:45+00:00
  • fire

Embracing Beltaine: Fire Element Crossquarter

Beltaine is the Cross Quarter direction between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice in the Northern hemisphere. Last year’s Beltaine blog discusses traditional associations with [...]

Embracing Beltaine: Fire Element Crossquarter2022-09-10T20:30:23+00:00
  • Hunger words on white plate

Balance by Managing Food in Our Time

Spring Equinox brings greens, eggs, fresh food after the long winter. Our rural ancestors immediately began storing food towards the next winter. Now most [...]

Balance by Managing Food in Our Time2022-09-10T20:34:22+00:00
  • Snail

Imbolc: Cross-quarter Transformation

"I love what you're writing on your blog. I love learning about transformation. Thank you for what you're writing. What are you planning to [...]

Imbolc: Cross-quarter Transformation2022-09-10T20:34:43+00:00
  • Covid Epiphany


What is the real work we came here to do? Who did we come here to be? Epiphany is a time to explore what [...]

  • Eclipse Solstice

Winter Solstice: Light is Born in Space Time

What light is born at Winter Solstice? What cycles of time are we inside? Who travels with Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem? Come! Braid [...]

Winter Solstice: Light is Born in Space Time2022-09-10T20:35:32+00:00


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