Nature as Transformer

We are part of our planet’s four Elementals, made of the substances of Earth and Water, breathing the Air, created with the sun’s Fire. The natural world constantly is transforming, often being both model and metaphor. Many explorations of this relationship are available to you here.

  • Spiritual Seasonings Great Wheel Calendar Imbolc

Crossquarter: Imbolc and Brigid

Lola Wilcox Imbolc: pronounced Imm’ulk The Crossquarters are four lost directions, and Imbolc is the first one of the new [...]

Crossquarter: Imbolc and Brigid2021-02-15T22:46:54+00:00

Winter Solstice: Braiding Time

Ritual events are timed to braid together current, past and future realities, making continuities possible. Time is not sequential but looped into spirals, like [...]

Winter Solstice: Braiding Time2020-12-24T20:36:21+00:00
  • Judy Cole's Pumpkin Pazazz

Samhain or All Hallows’ Eve

From Spiritual Seasonings: A Life Recipe Book by Lola Wilcox All Hallows is the end and beginning of the Celtic Year. It is a [...]

Samhain or All Hallows’ Eve2020-10-28T05:55:49+00:00

Equinox: A Time for Balance

From Spiritual Seasonings: A Life Recipe Book by Lola Wilcox What happens when we balance? Physically we are aligned, straight back, equal strength in [...]

Equinox: A Time for Balance2020-10-28T05:56:05+00:00
  • Digging Bluebells

Digging Bluebells

I know WHY digging bluebells became a decade long project of my life. The Call to the Bluebell Journey was the gardeners’ wish to [...]

Digging Bluebells2020-12-09T01:22:52+00:00
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