Nature as Transformer

We are part of our planet’s four Elementals, made of the substances of Earth and Water, breathing the Air, created with the sun’s Fire. The natural world constantly is transforming, often being both model and metaphor. Many explorations of this relationship are available to you here.

  • Ruth and Boaz

Lughnasadah: A Place of Grace, A Margin of Mercy

Lughnasadh or Lughnasa is an official Irish holiday (Lúnasa) and Gaelic festival marking the beginning of the harvest season. Historically, it was widely observed [...]

Lughnasadah: A Place of Grace, A Margin of Mercy2023-08-04T20:51:01+00:00
  • May Basket

May Day

Photo Credit: Lazar Gugleta, Unsplash I love May Day, the first day of the merry month of May. As a child we [...]

May Day2023-06-01T15:38:39+00:00
  • Equinox Sunset

Meat and Salt: Equinox

When I first began thinking about Shakespeare’s King Lear and arrogance, I looked in the text for the youngest daughter’s response to her father’s [...]

Meat and Salt: Equinox2023-04-12T16:37:55+00:00
  • Bees and Honeycomb

Making Honey from My Old Failures

And the golden bees were making white combs, and sweet honey, from my old failures. —Antonio Machado, translation by Robert Bly [...]

Making Honey from My Old Failures2023-01-30T03:30:02+00:00
  • Zauschneria in snow

A New Year’s Deep-hidden Seeds

New Year’s is traditional Goal Setting time, and telling jokes about how soon those resolutions slide away. Since childhood I’ve taken this ritual seriously. [...]

A New Year’s Deep-hidden Seeds2023-04-06T22:34:50+00:00
  • Kinnikinnek

Winter Solstice: Sol Invictus

In the least we see Everything. In the turning The Way shows itself. —D. Malcolm Wells, 2021 Kinnikinnick [...]

Winter Solstice: Sol Invictus2023-04-06T22:36:51+00:00

Hanukkah Dreidel and Gambling with God

The word Hanukkah generally translates from Hebrew to mean dedication. It is an eight-day celebration of a good blessing story. The dreidel is a [...]

Hanukkah Dreidel and Gambling with God2023-04-06T22:37:24+00:00
  • Give Thanks

Giving Thanksgiving for the Noes in Our Lives

At times in my life I’ve received a Great No that upended my life and created an unimagined future. At other times a little [...]

Giving Thanksgiving for the Noes in Our Lives2023-04-12T17:04:38+00:00


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