Nature, Story, Other, Organization are like facets of a diamond, like keys to a door.

In each of these areas you’ll find invitations to learn about transformation.

Image of Earth from Space, Nature as Transformer

Nature as Transformer

We are part of our planet’s four Elementals, made of the substances of Earth and Water, breathing the Air, created with the sun’s Fire. The natural world constantly is transforming, often being both model and metaphor. Many explorations of this relationship are available to you here.

Nature as Transformer
Joseph Campbell's Journey Wheel

Story as Transformer

“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.” —Albert Einstein

All the stories, including your own, are on the Hero/ine’s Wheel. Stories are gifts from our ancestors so you might know where you are, and what you should do. Dreams are also a Gate In to your transformation story.

Story as Transformer
Actors in St. George and the Nightmare Knight

Other as Transformer

Traditionally we often have repelled and hated the Other. Currently many are fascinated by and studying Other beings as lovers, as fellow journey makers, as carriers of disturbing values.

Other as Transformer
As Above so Below Organization as Transformer, Photo Emma Gossett

Organization as Transformer

Organization means “the act or process of organizing, the arranging of parts in an organic whole”. When Others and you are dancing, transforming, you are organizing something into being.  or work within it, try to change it, or meet it on its own terms. 

Everything is organized, from insects to angels, soil to solar systems. “Organization Development” was my work in large corporations for many years. If we think of really large organizations as giants, the stories tell us that giants have maps, resources, can help you travel fast, and you get them interested by asking the right questions.

Organization as Transformer

Ashes & Smoke

We have been burned, burned by the fire

And we are ashes, ashes and smoke. 

But we are rising, higher and higher,

 On the wings

Of compassion, justice, and hope. 

Linda Allen as taught by Rising Appalachia in a 2019 Great Mother Conference workshop.


To begin, I’ll share The Hero/Heroine’s Journey—a PDF of the map of transformation. I’ll also share announcements about new material, and a blog from time to time.