The Hero’s Journey

  • Berlin 1816 Karl Friedrich Schinkel Queen of Night

At Home with Sumerian Threshold Goddesses

Why care about the first story ever told? The culture that told it was undergoing immense change, like ours. The threshold goddesses are day/air [...]

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  • Inanna

Home (Again)

This Journey is complete when the Journeymaker reaches Home. But… where is that home? Is there a welcome? And what’s happening about the Gift [...]

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  • Closed Will Return

The Return

Once past the Gate Out, the Return requires looking both backwards and forwards. Returning requires making both reparations and openings. What are they? How [...]

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  • Photo Credit, Jeremy Thomas, a black silhouette of person looking at gyre of stars

Nigredo: Cocoon of Transformation

Here we are at the transformation point, the Nigredo, 180º from Home in the circuit, mid-way through the Ritual Journey of the Road of Trials. [...]

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  • Gate Keepers

Gate In and Gate Keepers = Dangers

You listened to the Call and are on the road to the Gate In to your next transformation. The first Gate In is conception, [...]

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  • The Call, Many Paths, Journey Wheel

Exploring the Call

You are a unique being; no one else is the same person. You are a key made to unlock the doors of your life. [...]

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  • Nest, Journey Wheel, Home

Where Is Home For You?

In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit. - The Hobbit, by J.R.R. Tolkien, line 1, page 1. The prologue to [...]

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  • Joseph Campbell's Journey Wheel

The Transformation Journey

Joseph Campbell, a leading figure in comparative mythology and religion, gives us the journey every person takes as found in cultural mythologies worldwide. This [...]

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