“You are careful when you write – and you need to be. Some people don’t want to feel too much; others want to feel more. The words you choose allow both.”—Robert Bly

These essays are generated for specific readers, but I believe will prove useful to you. My goal is to write about any topic so clearly the idea or feeling passes from my being to yours. George Orwell described writing as a “windowpane”, where this exchange occurs without distortion. When that happens the essay becomes a gift from me to you, a new thought, an enhanced experience or feeling, and a connection between us.

The Middle Way to Transformation

Published in an Episcopalian Lenten meditation series, The Middle Way telescopes how the positive theology of the Middle Ages approached transformation. Don’t be afraid of the word “sin” – it means “missing the mark”.

The Crow

The Crow is a collection of essays and art by attendees of the Great Mother Conference, publishing monthly for around twenty years. The format is two pages, but it’s not strict. Generally, content draws from one’s personal life in relationship to the conference themes.

Decision-Making Options

Decisions can be made using Authoritarian or Democratic processes, or a combination. An experienced leader knows which process to use when. This essay focuses on providing missing knowledge to help all decision-making processes work. Too often Democratic decisions bog down because leaders lack process knowledge and skills.

Quote by Oren Lyons

The Horse’s Mouth

The Horse’s Mouth was an underground magazine that eventually became a recognized University of Wyoming student publication. Over five years (1964-69 – before computers!) I served as editor, co-editor, feature writer and columnist (The Far Field). We typed the copy, and did the layout with press-on letters.

I’ve selected three essays that I feel could be written today – just the “names” change. I hope you find them interesting historically, and helpful to your current thinking as well.

I Was Blind And Now I See: Healing through the Numinous

Originally written for a St. Louis Jung Society contest on “Healing through the Numinous”, this essay explores how healing for self and planet occurs when we learn to see and then interact with other, non-human planetary beings.

A New World for Hunters

In Wyoming hunting is a way of life. Accepted by Wyoming magazine but never published to my knowledge.