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  • Digging Bluebells

Digging Bluebells

I know WHY digging bluebells became a decade long project of my life. The Call to the Bluebell Journey was the gardeners’ wish to [...]

Digging Bluebells2020-08-26T18:39:17+00:00
  • Joseph Campbell's Journey Wheel

The Transformation Journey

Joseph Campbell, a leading figure in comparative mythology and religion, gives us the journey every person takes as found in cultural mythologies worldwide. This [...]

The Transformation Journey2020-09-02T15:00:38+00:00

Five Important Facts about Transformation

We might say “I’m making a transition” when going from one site or place to another, perhaps at work or to a new home. [...]

Five Important Facts about Transformation2020-08-26T18:40:05+00:00
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