The Far Field

Volume IV, #3 April, 1966

Example column of The Far Field. I chose this one because it captures a sense of dislocation despair common to the Viet Nam war years, and I think common now as well.

A Draft Proposal

Volume V, #3 November 1966

This is a proposal to change the draft into a National Service for all. I mailed it to the President, copies to Wyoming senators and representatives, and Margaret Mead. Ms. Mead responded “Good idea. I put it in the hopper.” I still think the basic idea is a good one, though as an organizational development consultant I would change this and that about the structure. And I’m embarrassed by the naivety of V.a.

Enter the Young

Volume V, #5 April 1967

I’m sharing two ideas from this essay, one on the possibilities of the Sexual Revolution, and the second on Dual Awareness.