Organization as Transformer

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Organization means “the act or process of organizing, the arranging of parts in an organic whole”. When Others and you are dancing, transforming—you are organizing something into being. Work within it, try to change it, or meet it on its own terms. 

If we think of really large organizations as giants, the stories tell us that giants have maps, resources, can help you travel fast, and you get them interested by asking the right questions.

Decision-Making Options

Decisions can be made using Authoritarian or Democratic processes, or a combination. An experienced leader knows which process to use when. This essay focuses on providing missing knowledge to help all decision-making processes work. Too often Democratic decisions bog down because leaders lack process knowledge and skills.

Quote by Oren Lyons

Associated Consultants International (ACI)

Associated Consultants International (ACI) existed as a Peer Consulting Organization for 40 years. We believe what we developed will be useful, and we are sharing these processes:

  • Learning and Development Methods
  • Peer Consultation
  • Peer Review
  • Distributed Leadership Organizational Model
  • Organizing Principles
  • Diversity Statement
  • Statement of Ethics
  • History of ACI – example for study

It is our sincere hope that others will make use of this information either in full or as research for developing new processes.

Distributed Leadership

A Draft Proposal

Volume V, #3 November 1966

This is a proposal to change the draft into a National Service for all. I mailed it to the President, copies to Wyoming senators and representatives, and Margaret Mead. Ms. Mead responded “Good idea. I put it in the hopper.” I still think the basic idea is a good one, though as an organizational development consultant I would change this and that about the structure. And I’m embarrassed by the naivety of V.a.

“Thank you so much for sharing your gift of “clear thinking” with me.  I first experienced it when you made a presentation at StorageTek with the young men from Costa Rica. You shared your dream of creating a place in Costa Rica. The flow chart you designed was intriguing. You have a wonderful way of sharing your knowledge.”  —Carolyn L. 


There are many excellent organizations helping people transform their lives and communities. Here are three organizations working on Root Cause that I support.

  • Carter Center  Waging Peace, Fighting Disease
  • World Without War Education and Action
  • Micro-Financing: Google Micro-Financing Organizations for information and lists of many excellent organizations. I support FINCA.

Organization: Conflict as Transformer

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