Spiritual Seasonings

The first edition of Spiritual Seasonings is sold out. Don’t worry – a second edition is coming and you can be a part of it! In Spiritual Seasonings as the Circle of Time turns, festivals to food preparation become a spiritual practice. Celtic agricultural calendars begin at All Hallows (Samhain, Halloween, All Souls) with recipes for pumpkins, and other end-of-harvest fruits and grains. As the year progresses, we learn when and how to hunt and preserve, rest and reflect, plant and tend. If you’ve never cooked you can learn how. If you are a great cook, you gain an ancient map to living a vital life. If you don’t want to cook, the awareness of seasons supplements your purchasing strategy, leading to a physically grounded and spiritual life.

If you are interested please join us on the Facebook page where we are discussing revisions:

  • Shall one large book be revised into five smaller ones (one on Circular Time, and four more each holding a season of recipes)?
  • The alignment between the northern Celtic Agricultural year and the Celtic Christian church calendar – should it be maintained?
  • Do we want this recipe book to be online only? Book and online? Book only?