Still Room Book

Still Room Book


The Still Room Book tells the stories of three generations of people in the 1600s whose lives center around Dunnestoke Manor – its fields, gardens, and in particular, its still room. The Still Room Book includes recipes of distilled herbal remedies and brews as interesting as the characters. Drawings of the still room, flowers and herbs decorate the pages. Includes a CD of the actors reading Still Room Book.



$10 per book goes to the Colorado Shakespeare Gardens.

Botanical illustrations by Melissa Gray

Cover illustration and book design by Sue Lion

Audio readings are performed by the following actors:

  • Charles Wilcox
  • Lola Wilcox
  • Ian Wilcox
  • Peter Giffin
  • Ingrid Giffin

These readings are accompanied by the music of the Boulder Renaissance Consort.


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