One is a Lonely Number

One is a Lonely Number


Most of the stories in One is a Lonely Number take place in a 3,000 person urban high school in the late 1960’s. I captured what it was like to live then, when our lives were transformed through relationships.

  • In The Odd One a not-so-popular girl and the star pitcher on the school’s team figure out what counts more than anything else.
  • In spite, or because of, Freedom Marches in the south, in Ice on the Moon a black and a white student learn some hard lessons.
  • In Sar an old man and a girl help a boy recognize the difference between what’s real and illusion, and change his life.
  • In Ah! Mio Core a mother who doesn’t want a daughter that sings like a frog sends her to an old woman to find her voice.


A downloadable eBook, PDF and ePub via compressed zip files.


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