Lola Wilcox is author, coach and consultant around the central theme of personal, group/team, or corporate transformation. Five books, three plays, short stories and essays are available on this website.  Currently she is following first reader advice to turn her 600-page fantasy novel draft into a trilogy; the work is based on the Grimms Brothers’ Goose Girl tale.  She is editor of and writer for the CROW, a multi-log fostered by the venerable Great Mother and New Father Conference on myth and story. Some blogs on this site are exploring a new book: Root and Web: How To Manage Conflict.

Myth, Story, Dreams and Spiritual training:

Lola’s training in mythology and fairy tales includes major teachers like Joseph Campbell, Robert Bly, Marion Woodman, Gioia Timpanelli, Michael Meade, Lara Newton. She is knowledgeable about the stories of many cultures and many times. She says, “All the stories, including your own, are on the Hero/ine’s Wheel. Stories are gifts from our ancestors so you might know where you are, and what you should do.” Dreams are also an entry into your transformation story. She has an M.A. in Medieval Literature.

Lola is a Celtic Christian, which faith has both Druidic and 1st century (pre-catholic) roots. Thanks to C.S. Lewis and Joseph Campbell she is a practicing Episcopalian, including a decade serving as Lay Eucharistic Minister to the infirm and elderly of her parish.

Coaching and Consulting background:

Lola is second generation Organization Development, trained at and by National Training Laboratories (N.T.L.), learning Action Learning from Arthur Friedman, Kurt Lewin’s principles of change, Edgar Schein, Seahorses. She studied with Ralph Kilmann and uses the Kilmann conflict model extensively. She learned Corporate Diagnosis one summer at Cape Cod from Harry Levinson, who learned from Freud. Barry Johnson’s Polarity Thinking is central to the process of transformation. The goal was always to teach the third generation O.D. practitioners – the C.E.O.’s, management and teams of organizations of all types. A three decade Peer Reviewed Member in Individual, Group and Organization Development areas with Associate Consultants International she also holds an M.A. in Group Counseling.

Lola is a wife, mother, mother-in-law, and grandmother of some very fine people who are her life’s companions. She holds a “black belt” (Nidan rank) in Kendo (Japanese fencing), took third in a national tournament, and won an engagement in Japan. She practices NIA on-line with Rachael Resch. Gardening and singing are her avocations.


Lola Wilcox writes about transformation. She is the author of five published books, over twenty staged or toured plays, and many essays and short stories. She coaches and consults people, teams, and organizations experiencing transformation.


Contact for inquiries or to send a message. I’m available on LinkedIn. We can talk by What’s App, Zoom, Google Hangouts or Skype.


Lola Wilcox