• Following the path of Joseph Campbell’s Hero/ine’s Journey Wheel, Every Soul leaves Home and meets the Old One, who has advice for passing through the Gate In.  Inside another world, the Temenos, Every Soul and Companion walk the Road of Trials, meeting a Dragon and a Witch.  To reach the Gate Out, Every Soul must survive the Nigredo – the place of complete transformation. This play is a dramatic enactment of the journey central to every story ever told. Individuals can read it and understand the Hero/ine’s Journey. Family, friends, reading groups can read through it and discuss. It can be performed alone, or with one or both of the other plays, and/or incorporated into a workshop.
  • The King is ill and only the Water of Life can cure him. The two elder sons leave Home to try, but end up trapped. The youngest son manages to avoid the traps. He receives the Water of Life from a lovely woman who will be free in a year and a day.
  • The Russian version of Cinderella tells a very different story. Here the heroine, Vasalisa, is forced by the stepmother and sisters to leave Home, and enter the dark forest near her father’s house. She is to fetch a light from Baba Yaga, the witch who lives in a house that turns with the sun on a chicken leg, and whose porch posts hold human skulls. Baba Yaga gives Vasalisa three tasks to complete, threatening to eat her if she can’t finish. Once through this Road of Trials, Vasalisa returns home. She has the light she needs, and a personal gift from Baba Yaga which she uses to transform her life.


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