I belonged to Associated Consultants International (ACI) for thirty-five of the organization’s 40 years. ACI was created to help consultants continue to learn, share knowledge, improve skills and excel at practices. The processes we developed shaped me, and my consulting practice. Deep friendships were formed that still sustain me. We continue to gather online periodically to keep up with the front-line work we are engaged in doing now: writing books, working with initiatives to save the planet, and the values we embody.

I believe the need for these processes is greater now than we could have imagined when we built them. Over the years probably up to fifty people participated in the core group.

Passion Led Us Here

How To Gifts for You

What we learned we are giving to you to use, either directly or as a model as you develop your own. The information is prepared for you to download, to send to others, to add to your website, to encourage customers to add to their personal growth and support portfolio. We who were ACI give it to you freely; take these seeds and grow your own ways.

There is some information about how we went about being ACI, including our Diversity and Ethics Statements and how to function as a non-hierarchical organization (Distributed Leadership).

ACI was never about judgment: it was about support. The main processes that fostered personal and professional growth were:

How to do Peer Consultation – Present an issue and listen to Free Advice given with no expectations.

How to do Peer Review – Five practice areas to choose from, share what you know, and have peers listen, care, share their thoughts about you and your work, and repeat that every four years.

Finally, we want to encourage you to find companions for the road, be part of or create organizations that want each person to excel at who they are and how they do their work. Support each other, be of service, help your clients find healthy ways to be in the world. You are not alone.

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